Friday, February 12, 2010

Dieting and PMS--a rough mix

Almost at the 1month mark for doing WW,I think-will have to pull out my charts online to see for sure.This will be the first period since I've started dieting.A few months ago I started taking magnesium daily after reading that if taken daily that it will ease your monthly cramping.And I can attest to that.It has really helped.Now if I could find something to help with the general achines in the BOOBS and moodiess I'd be doing better.A few months ago I started to cut back on the caffeinated sodas that I drank and am now totally caffeine free at least with sodas. Until I started WW,I had drasticly cut back on the amount of sodas I drank daily.Now on a bad day I'll have maybe 2 sodas which is "OK" but I can do better.I need to switch to decaf tea,but will probably end up having to make two kinds or the hubby will go ballistic! It's really frustrating to watch the scale creep back up no matter what you do each month.I know it'll all be gone in about a week or so,but it is still hard to see.I haven't really had any cravings per say,but I have noticed my appetite has gone wild LOL.The husband says I turn into a wild woman.LOL I will say that some days,I agree with that.