Wednesday, February 10, 2010

busy week

This has been a busy week although I haven't gotten much of anything done.Took the kiddo to a sort of "kiddie church" night at the church right down the block from us.It was his first time to go to any sort of church.It was more of an activity time for the kids than anything else.OH,BOY!Total disaster.He wouldn't sit still,wasn't interested in the story.I'm not sure if it was the newness of the activity or being in a new place,or if ADD/ADHD is showing up at 7yrs old.We had him tested for a whole range of disorders about 2 yrs ago and the dr told us it just didn't fit him.And the past few weeks I'm beginning to wonder if she was right or what.SOMETHING is going on with my kid-just not sure what.I called our insurance company and got a couple of names of drs that test for that in our area.Now just gotta set something up.We're due for his yearly check up soon-have to remember to make that appointment.I'm going to get them to check his ears really well because I can be talking to him 3 feet away from him and it's like he doesn't hear me.Now whether he's getting that all too famous "male selective hearing" that all men have or whether he really can't hear me or if he's just tuning me out.

Kinda got out of the habit of posting my meals-but I am still doing the WW points thing--having mostly good days but some stressers pop up and it's sooo hard not to raid the chip drawer LOL.But I'm doing better.

Wednesday's supper
diet pepsi
1 pack shirataki noodles (YAY-get to eat the whole pack of something!)
chicken thighs stir fried with garlic and teryaki sauce and agave nectar
1 weight watchers giant latte ice cream bar--OOOOOOOH!!!!!! just one little point! LOL

During the shopping trip this time i picked up some pre-packaged ww items so I can have desserts or sides without blowing the points-just to make life easier for me....GOTTA get some more of those noodles and ice cream bars/treats. ;)

We're under a winter storm watch here in MS through tuesday unless they change the forecast.They are predicting up to 5" of snow for us---ARE YOU REAL!? We'll see what happens-a few weeks ago they were yelling and causing a stir about the same thing and we got NOTHING but icy cold temps--no snow!