Sunday, February 7, 2010

having a pretty good morning spite of the fact that i have some housework to do today--sweeping,mopping,de-gunking the bathroom.Sunday is my weigh in day on weight watchers.I had a tough week so I was really surprised to see any weight loss this week.In all,I have lost 6pounds.That's averaging about 3pounds per week-pretty good.I still want to get to exercising more.This crazy weather isn't helping any.We have a pretty,sunny,warm day where I can take the kid and puppy out with me and then the next day it's absolutely FREEZING or RAINING-well that's winter in the South I guess.I got my hair highlighted yesterday and afterwards I walked about 20 minutes in the mall.That's about as much of the crazed crowds that I could take.All in all I'm pretty happy with the way things are going.Now,if we could only keep the family life that way too.I swear the inlaws will be the end of us.I guess I need to put those blinders on again and just focus on the husband,myself, and kiddo-kinda hard when you actually live with an inlaw,but that's life.My husband is the major caretaker for his aging,father.Believe me,it takes a toll on him personally and on us as a family.It would be somewhat easier if his dad wasn't in denial about the situation and his health issues-he likes to 'pretend' that he's the same as he was 30years ago,but he is not.