Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Well I joined the SICK CLUB......

My son was sick over the weekend with sore throat,slight fever and sneezies.I felt it coming on yesterday when I was sneezing more and it didn't feel like 'just allergies'.Last night,every time I tried to get comfy in the bed my nose would close up-you know how it goes-roll over to the other side and the opposite side of your nose closes up-HATE THAT! I was up blowing my nose so much last night that neither I nor Tinkerbelle got a good night's sleep.My fever never went over 99,but I knew I'd better get into the dr early rather than wait for it to get worse later in the week.I had to get a shot and am on antibiotics for about 10 days.The shots wreak havoc on my blood sugars-shooting them up to over 400+ so far today.I took a little extra insulin,but so far it's not doing a thing to those numbers.FRUSTRATING.The hubby got take out again--I know he's trying to be nice and helpful so I won't have to put together a meal when I feel as CRAPPY as I do today,but LOL it's just one thing after another for me lately.My monthlies are approaching and I always put on a few pounds for that--and now I'm sick and it's cold again and I really can't get out like I wanted to.I really want to get Tinkie back out to the park again.She was out for a few mins today when I tried to take her to get her nails trimmed-didn't happen cause they didn't the extra techs to do it today,so we will have to try later in the week.But she was out on her leash for a few mins today and loved it.I did too.If it had only been warmer and I didn't feel like 'death warmed over' LOL.But that's how it goes down here pre-spring.Warm-cold-warm-cold-HOT-cold-FREEZING-warm-you get the idea.They say if you don't like the weather "wait 5 mins and it'll change"-well at least it's not tornado/hurricane weather yet.

I'm thinking about either a grilled cheese sandwich with some soup or peanut butter on a whole wheat "round" and maybe some orange slices.I have an appetite LOL guess that's good.Now just gotta figure out what I WANT TO/SHOULD eat.Grandpa will probably pull a can of soup out of the stash he has in his bedroom tonight and the hubby-well he's on his own.He has canned chili he can take for dinner at work tonight.


UPDATED about an hour later LOL

Well I made a Pear/chicken thigh strip/ramen noodle stir fry.I took some BRASWELL's pear marmilade I found a few weeks ago (surprisingly low sugar/low carb naturally).I added that to a few chicken thigh strips that I had to cook or risk losing-I thawed them yesterday with the intent of cooking them but I got to feeling bad and wated soup.So I cooked them today.I made ramen noodles for the kiddo-hoping he would eat them.I only ate about 1/3 of a serving of noodles so hopefully that wasn't too bad for me.They were quicker than the brown rice and served a purpose.I am sooo proud of myself-I didn't sample any of the tater tots that I made for the kiddo's supper too.AND I LOVE ME SOME FRIED TATERS! LOL TATER TOTS-FRENCH FRIES-HASH POTATOES-.I wanted to LOL but I didn't.I knew if I took one bite I'd have to cook more cause I'd hate eaten the whole place.I haven't seen how much the kiddo has eaten yet-he got in trouble for squirting a pouch of kool aid all over his bedroom floor.Thank goodness the floor isn't carpet! And he's not getting anymore koolaid.I learned a lesson when I caught my nephews eating the powdered kool aid straight from the container back in the 1990s-blah!They never got kool aid again!But the kiddo has been begging me for something new for him to drink and he was sick over the weekend so I relented....Should have listened to that wise old mommy voice that said "you know better than that".Not sure who I'll gift it to,but he's not getting anymore kool aid!Live and learn....and learn again.....that's life!