Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday's Menu

I have got to get back to the store LOL.The hubby and I have different versions of "quick-easy-and good for you" LOL. If I'm up to it I might try and sneak a quick trip in tomorrow.Zach's out of yogurt and I'm getting tired of my breakfast fare lately.

Today's main meal will be stuffed butterflied porkchops-which is basicly a thick,boneless porkchop that's been cut almost in half.I'm making some brown rice and added a little chicken base and boy does that smell good already.I think I'm going to eat the extra rice just like that.Can you tell I'm starving? I'm going to stuff the pork chops with rice and then brush the outside of the chop with my pear marmilade.I'd usually do apricot but I'm out and this pear stuff is just fabulous-and doesn't have too much sugar-a plus in my book! Sides are going to be field peas and some ww 1point veggie cups.Hubby will probably pout and say "where's the taters"? LOL and I'll tell him if he wants them--cook them himself! LOL