Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Today was an absolutely beautiful day in east central Mississippi-wasn't too hot,for a change it was't too cold-it was just right,a slight breeze blowing.I wish we could have this kind of weather all year long.I can wish now,can't I? Had a slow start to the morning,so I kinda hiberated in bed until I got to feeling better.The hubby was a sweetie and put up all the laundry that was piling up in the hallway-I made a half hearted effort to help fold some things-HONEST.After I got up and moving around,we went on the weekly outing to the "only store in town" LOL.We picked up a few things to hopefully get us through the next week or so and came home.I hit the bed again cause I was feeling cruddy, and managed to get in a 10min nap.I had told the kiddo that if he left me alone for a few mins and let me rest that we'd go down to the little playgroud at the church down the block from our house.Grandpa's got some other project going on in the backyard,so we try to stay out of his way.Zach got in some run aroud,be loud as I want,kid time in and then we came home where you guessed it,I hit the bed again.This sinus/respiratory infection is really getting me down-I've been so tired.The meds don't make it any easier cause they shoot my blood sugars up-oh boy this has been a high week-I've had readings go about to 500.I got to feeling better and the hubby went to a friend's house to pick up a "gun thing" he had ordered.I made "HAPPY HUSBAND CHILI".It has been a few weeks since he's had it so I hope it did the trick.They will have enough leftovers to get them through midweek--I HOPE! I made myself some brown rice with turkey and black beans.I'm in a food rut again.Being sick has NOT helped me stick to my WW points some days.I have got to get back on track.I foud a new exercise thingie I want-a stationary bicycle.I found one for a good price and hopefully with our tax refund I'll be able to get it.I wanted a treadmill but not sure we have the space for it.I'm going to get the stationary bicycle and a few "kettle ball" weights.Hopefully those will get me exercisig again-my elliptical is getting old.LOL I need a change of pace.I can't wait on the warmer weather so we can get outside every day with the pooper.