Friday, February 12, 2010


Well,the local weather guys and gals got it right this time.We got snow!It was about 3-4" of it on our side of town.C O L D! After stalling half the day we took the kiddo out for a snowball fight and it lasted all of 5 mins when he discovered that snow is COLD.We went back in and after he settled down from that tantrum,his dad took him outside again-lasted about half an hour.He ran around in the snow-threw snowballs at his dad.Came back in with absolutely frozen fingers.He settled down a while after that and then started telling us how bad he felt.I pulled out the trusty thermometer and yep-low grade fever starting.He says his head hurts and his "nasal passages" burn,and that his throat hurts.(he's 7!) So I gave him some kiddie tylenol and he is in bed sound asleep and it's not even 8:30 yet.I hope we can make it through the weekend cause none of our drs/clinics are open.If he gets worse or fever spikes up we'd have to go to the e/r.Not a fun experience here-hours long waits.I avoid that at all cost! Either his dad or I will get out (if the roads aren't frozen back over) in the morning to hit the pharmacy a few blocks from our house for some kiddie sinus/cough/sore throat meds and probably more kiddie tylenol.

The husband just had to get out of the house this morning and got KFC for "lunch".I should have listened to my little voice saying NOPE-don't do it,but that fried chicken got me.A few hours later I was sick.Should have listened! LOL For supper I made Red Beans and Rice with turkey kelbasa.I made myself another chicken thigh strip shirataki noodle stir fry.I had to use the noodles before they went bad.It wasn't as good as it was yesterday--I was out of agave nectar and used a little honey to sweeten the teriyaki.But it sat better with my tummy than the fried chicken did. :) I saved myself some of the Red Beans and Rice for tomorrow.