Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday's Menu

Earlier in the day I put a couple of steaks into the crockpot with the intention of letting them cook down and shredding them and making "philly" cheesesteak sandwiches with them but when we got back from the play date,I just wasn't in the mood.I added a jar of green tomatilla salsa and made rice.That was the guy's supper.I picked up a rotisserie turkey breast and shredded that and ate it over brown rice for my supper.I also made some "bbq" chicken because I had a pack of chicken that I had to do something with.I made a sauce like what I had seen on food network last night and it turned out delish.I didn't have all the ingredients but my version was fabulous-something different.

yellow mustard
agave nectar or honey (my addition)
handful or two of brown sugar

I stirred it all together and cooked it down till it was thick and brushed it over the chicken as it baked.YUMMY-I'm always looking for tomato free bbq sauces since I'm allergic to tomatoes and this definately fits the bill.DELICIOUS!

The original sauce recipe called for garlic,onions,bellpeppers,and celery to be cooked and added to the sauce but my cubbards are a little bare LOL.