Monday, February 1, 2010


After declaring he was tired of eating beans and the "happy husband chili" over the weekend,low and behold,the husband asked for me to make it today--LOL--after he saw that I had taken out the dreaded CHICKEN to thaw for supper.He will do anything to get out of eating chicken-except for KFC chicken which he would gladly eat on a daily basis if he could.I had the thought of "bake/frying" half of it in the oven,but laziness got the best of me,and I put it all in the crockpot with some onion soup mix and sliced onions.Sounds good to me!

I always get crabby and moody around the time of my birthday.And this year is no exception.I don't know why-it's a subconscious thing-I don't decide OK there are 5 days till my birthday,let's get into a bad mood now!And it's not about turning whatever age either.I don't know what it is.My birthday is Thursday and I'll be 39-no shame in that....The husband brought me back 2 GIANT chocolate almond candy bars from the store today.(Thanks honey,but I am on a DIET remember?-I'm going to have to eat it square by square I guess)I said "do you think I need chocolate?" He grinned and said "yeah,you've been stressing and crabby".Poor thing-I'm really not mean to the poor guy-I swear! ;)