Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Well,today turned out to be a horrid day-very stressful.I took Zach and the Pooper to a local park to try and teach the Pooper how to walk on a leash without freaking out or wriggling out of her harness like she did the last time we tried this exercise.She did very well today.I didn't let her down to walk until she relaxed somewhat (yes,I've been watching the DOG WHISPERER) and this time she didn't fight the leash.We let her lead where she was interested in walking-and sniffing.We walked around a local soccer field about 4 times and then we walked around the kiddie playground area while Zach played a little while.I can see us doing this on a regular basis.I would like to get into the habit of getting up early and going out there so we could have the place to ourselves-exercise for all 3 of us-might even nag the hubby into coming along next time.

I've seen somewhat of an improvement in my blood sugars in the past two weeks since starting WW.Some mornings I'll wake up to low blood sugar actually-nothing to cause an emergency,but still low.I wish it would become a regular occurance.Slowly but surely.