Friday, February 5, 2010

busy busy friday

Earlier this week I had decided to get the kiddo out of the house and to one of our homeschooler get togethers for a PE DAY (few hours of games/fun)--wouldn't you know it--it rains like heck the day before and the morning of the get together.So needless to say it was a TOTAL WASHOUT!LOL Hopefully it will be warm enough and sunny enough where we can take the pooper and the kiddo to the park for some play and walking time.I'm getting my hair highlighted tomorrow-kind of a birthday treat for myself.My neice does hair and gives me a little discount-gotta love that one!I can't wait-I'll be out of the house for about 2 hours LOL no kid or hubby,what will I do?This has been a challenging week for me-at least for eating and stressing.Stress is a major cause for me to "eat anything in site".I didn't do too bad,but I did go over points about half the week.But picked up some salad fixings and other "good" things to eat.I picked up the things to make a chocolate cake from scratch-I'm going to see how I can "de-fat" it some so it won't be toooo terribly bad for me.I feel deprived that I haven't had a birthday cake yet! ;)