Wednesday, February 17, 2010

sweet things

I've had the ingredients to make the giada/food network peanut butter granola bars for a while now but have been putting it off-I got a few extra QUIET mins in the kitchen today so I threw them together.The last few times I've made them I've used AGAVE NECTAR.A few months ago,I read in a diabetic magazine that it's supposed to be easier digesting for diabetics and that it's supposed to be easier on their blood sugars-personally,I haven't found that to be the case-and after reading that in another study,they found that they had to stop the testing because they had diabetics passing out after eating it,I don't think I'll use agave nectar again.I used good old honey.I also used butterscotch chips instead of the chocolate chips.This time I left out the almonds and added dried cranberries.As usual they turned out delicious.I just have one problem with these "bars".Half the batch always falls apart=I've tried adding more oats,more peanut butter,more honey-they still fall apart and crumble something awful!I read one reviewer on the website sudject that you use an extra egg white.That I will definately try.I should have done it today because as I was pulling out the ingredients,the thought popped into my head that it might help if I used 2 egg whites this time.I'll learn to listen to my little voice.....but even the crumbles of this delightful granola bar are good! ;)