Saturday, October 10, 2009

Recipe for a Dreary Saturday

A big pan of deliciousness!

I used the scrap dough toward the end to make some smaller "tea biscuits" for Zachary.

He gobbled them up! Poopy behind him is looking for any crumbs he may drop!

We go through ALOT of biscuits.Hubby likes a big hearty breakfast that usually involves sausage,biscuits and scrambled eggs.We have used everything from those huge canned biscuits (you know which ones I mean) to the ones in the bags in the frozen section.They are ok but just don't have that same pinache that homemade ones do.I've been meaning to see if I can make some and freeze them so we can have our own frozen biscuits.Do not try making biscuits on tiled countertops---that's a recipe for a MESS! I didn't have any parchment paper so I could do it properly on the table,so I pulled out my cutting board and rolled them out on there.That worked OK but I know it will be better with parchment paper.I can get more space and not worry so much about a sticky,flour mess to clean up.I made a batch for hubby this afternoon and made another batch and stashed them in the freezer.I'm going to bag and tag them when they are done.Maybe that can become a regular weekend project-making biscuits and freezing them for later.I can live with that.I've been looking for ways to make home made products instead of getting the processed stuff we usually buy from the store.Now I know the bags of biscuits are about $3 a bag and that's not going to break our budget, but if I can find a way to make it myself,I consider that all the better!I used Alton Brown's recipe on Food Network for SOUTHERN BISCUITS.