Monday, February 22, 2010

new week

Well slowly,but surely I'm getting back to normal-head is still stuffy and sinuses still feel clogged but I did get the energy to do something around the house today.I put away a basket of clothes (still have 1 to do tomorrow) and mopped our side of the house.Didn't get to de-cluttering the table,but I will.Most of the day was good but it all went downhill at 3pm...I was napping sooo good when the doorbell rang.Someone was here to see Grandpa.He has a habit of doing things without telling us.He had gotten a neighbor "mr fix it" guy to come and install a couple of doors for him or something-I haven't gone outside to see the handiwork yet.One of the doors was to the room we call "downstairs" where the hubby sleeps during the day whe he works night shifts.Well he was sleeping good until then too.He was not a happy camper. He has terrible moods sometimes-especially if he gets woke up like that.

Supper was leftover pork chops from yesterday that I glazed with a few tablespoons of FIG PRESERVES,quickie mashed potatoesm, and kale that I had to cook before it went bad.I love kale.I had never tried it until about 2 years ago when I saw it cooked in a "gratin" on Food Network.Tonight,I sauteed it with a few strips of thick chopped bacon and a good heaping spoon of garlic.Instead of stock,I simmered it in a little water and 1/2 a can of progresso onion soup.After it cooked down,I sprinkled a little parmesan cheese and baked it a few more mins and it was delicious.The hubby wanted take out but I ignored him tonight and figured if he wanted it so badly,he could get it himself-there was nothing wrong with those leftovers. lol I had a tub of manwich in the fridge that I intended on sending with him to work tonight.He packed his own tonight-not sure what he came up with LOL.