Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rice Cakes and Almond Butter

A few posts ago,I shared that whatever I was eating for breakfast wasn't agreeing with me.I picked up some quaker lightly salted rice cakes and found almond butter at the store (FINALLY-been wanting to try it FOREVER!).That and maybe an apple has mainly been my breakfast for about the last week.And I can tell a difference.I haven't been nauseaus (at least after breakfast),I feel better.I am actually starting to look forward to my rice cakes each morning.I think I see a trip to the store to replenish my stock soon,,my almond butter is almost gone.The kiddo needs toothpaste and glue sticks so I think I will be going out later today.

Well the hubby got up later than he wanted to LOL and didn't go to the shooting range like he expected.After skulking around the house frowning half the day he saw my list and went to the store for me.LOL picked up stuff for my snackings and more glue sticks for zach-now we can do more SCIENCE LOL.