Saturday, March 27, 2010

a lazy saturday in march

Today I was as "unproductive" as I could be.I did end up making lunch-supper's going to be "fend for yourself".There are plenty of leftovers in the fridge for the guys to scrounge through and come up with something edible.Zach is trying to talk me into making him some tater tots.The hubby's been doing laundry (washing/drying)-and I will put it all up tomorrow.Late this afternoon we took Zach down to the church playgroud to play.Grandpa's got some garden experiments going in the back yard and zach wants to run through it all.

YAY! My new skechers came in.I'm so excited.They feel just as great as the other ones do,but I really haven't tested them out yet.I just tried them on to make sure they fit.I saw a story on the news a few nights ago about a charity taking up "gently worn" shoes at our local mall.I'm going to bag up the 4 pairs of "old" tennis shoes that I have and no longer wear and drop them off at the mall the next time I'm there.

Hopefully,we will get out to the big park (planet playground) in the morning to walk Tinkie and let Zach play some more.Depends on what the weather's doing.It's really windy today so it might be blowing in some rain....We'll see.