Sunday, March 7, 2010

HMMMMMM or "AHA" moments...........

My son isn't a big meat eater.When I give him fish sticks or chicken nuggets,I'm lucky if he either eats the "crusts" off or takes a bite or two of the meats.SERIOUSLY.Well the other day at the store,he picked out a can of ravioli.He asked for it last night and I gave him 4 ravioli with very little sauce.He ate mostly around the edges of the ravioli but every now and then he got brave and took bites of the whole thing.It went from "I LIKE RAVIOLI MEAT" to blah "no I don't like ravioli meat" back to "I like it" LOL.So that got me to thinking.I have seen the ravioli in the freezer section that is just plain cheese.It's right next to the periogis that he will eat sometimes if I call them "potato dumplings".So today,when I did the big grocery store trip,I picked up some more periogis,and cheese stuffed ravioli.I'm thinking of serving them in a chicken broth.I think he'll like that than a homemade tomato sauce or even a homemade cheesy sauce.His palate is kinda plain-even though he will eat chinese sometimes.I will be glad when he eats what I can call a "full rounded" meal.