Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday--is it the weekend yet?

I am so ready for the weekend.I'm splurging a little and getting myself an exercise bicycle tomorrow.We got our tax refund back.YAY! Our taxes changed last year because of how we had to claim some stuff pertaining to the hubby's dad,so we didn't get back as much as we usually do,but at least we didn't have to pay federal.Next year hopefully we will know what we are doing better and things will go back to our normal refund.This was the first year we had to claim the stuff for taking care of his dad. I'm getting a couple of fun/educational helpers for Zachary and putting a little into savings and getting zach and myself a few new spring outfits.He is outgrowing everything.He is in the size between 7 and 8 where most 8's are a little too big in the waiste but 7s fit in the waiste but are way too short.It's so hard finding pants for him.The hubby's getting a new toy and is already itching to go shopping.It's all I can do to get him to wait till tomorrow when it'll be direct deposited into our bank account LOL.He is such a goof!

Tonight the guys are getting deer meat and potatoes.I have a bag of kale that needs to be cooked but I'm not sure how I'm going to do it.Not really sure if I'm going to have the same as the guys or not.Food hasn't been agreeing with me lately,so I'm trying to get back to eating the way I should.I can't handle alot of oily,greasy foods-I have bad reflux.I can't eat alot of red meats and I am getting tired of brown rice! LOL I really need to do a good RESTOCK THE PANTRY shopping trip.I'm out of alot of staples like OLIVE OIL.Hopefully I'll get to go either this weekend or around the first of next week.