Saturday, March 6, 2010


It was a beautiful day here in Meridian.A nephew's birthday is tomorrow,so I had him and one of his brothers over today for a cookout.He wanted burgers and hotdogs,so that's what I made him.I was hoping he'd say STEAKS. LOL I picked up some pre-formed beef patties from the store and made myself a couple of turkey burgers.Instead of cake,I made a bunch of chocolate chip cookies.They were a big hit! The food was delicious.It's always great to see two of "my boys".Although one will be 27 tomorrow and the other is almost 21,they will always be "my boys".Before they left, they used their muscles and helped the husband move Zachary's swingset back to it's proper place in the backyard.We had to move it a few months ago when we had to have a tree cut down.Now Zach can swing and slide again.Now if I can get the hubby to patch a couple of holes in the fence so Tinkie can't ESCAPE we'll be in business.The weather's warming up nicely and we are just itching to go out and play more.

I had a bag of kale that I had to cook today,so I used basicly the same recipe I used for creamed spinach-except I used less cream.It was delicious.I had a huge apple and a plateful of "creamed kale" for supper tonight.It was fabulous! Going grocery shopping tomorrow and I really should make a list-but we're out of just about all the staples,so I'm not sure I NEED a list LOL.We need everything!