Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8th a marvelous monday

Today was an absolutely marvelous day here in Meridian.After putting away a few baskets of laundry,I talked the hubby into going with the kiddo,pooper and me to the park.I had wanted to go over the weekend,but it just never happened.Everyone had fun.The pooper got a good walk and workout.Mom did too-pooper tried to run my legs off! LOL I meant to take the pedometer with me just to see how far we actually walked but forgot.I'm going to stick it in my purse and maybe NOT forget about it the next time we go back out there.The kiddo got in a little playtime and ice cream afterwards.

I started out the day with a different breakfast.Lately,most meals have left me nauseaus-no matter how healthy or bland it is.This morning,I had "lightly salted" rice cakes with peanut butter and an apple.It was delicious and didn't leave me feeling sick,so I am going to go with this breakfast for a little while.

Supper was "tender steaks" that the hubby ran through the tenderizer,broccoli and rice, and mashed potatoes.Zach had some of the mashed potatoes,rice,and ravioli.He ate a few bites.

As soon as dinner settles,I'm going to hop on the bike and see if I can't do another 6miles tonight.