Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekend Agenda

"What's on the agenda for the weekend?" That's something I hear from the hubby every friday afternoon.Basicly,he's wanting to know if I have any "honey dos" for him LOL.I do but I'm going to let him do them on his time-Don't worry,I'll be sure to remind him I'd like it all done LOL.I want him to finish painting the hallway-sand and paint the bathroom door-re-seal the bathtub-AND finish making the little square in the backyard where I plant veggies--PIECE OF CAKE!Tomorrow he and his dad are putting up a door for a neighbor lady.After that,I'm thinking that if the weather's nice maybe we can get out somewhere and take the pooper and kiddo for some exercise.The kiddo's been asking dad to spend more time with him lately.With hubby working on the night shift it's hard for them to be on the same "time line" except on the weekends.Whenever dad's ready to go to bed-the kid is ready to play.Hubby's been doing night shift for about 3 months now and says he'll probably do it for another 3-6 if it works out that way.Mom doesn't get much quality time with him either-but I'm used to it.Personally,I hate night shift,but since he's the only one bringing in a paycheck,I always tell him to work what he feels comfortable doing.He likes to work the night shift during the summers especially because he's not out in the scorching Southern summer heat.I don't blame him.