Sunday, March 21, 2010

Made my first Vegan Recipe today

My first batch of Lentil Loaf is in the oven baking away.I hope it turns out LOL.This is the first vegan recipe I've done.My son has stolen all of my camera batteries,so there will be no pics-at least until I get more batteries LOL.Basicly you cook the lentils and rice-add whatever spices you like,blend it all together with a few breadcrumbs to bind it all and bake it in a loaf pan until it's browned.That is going to be my supper.If it turns out good LOL I might even whip up a batch of quickie mashed potatoes.The guys got an oven baked roast with potatoes today.

**At the link below,there is a fun video of EMERIL making his version of a lentil loaf-but he uses eggs.I didn't.The recipe I had didn't call for eggs-and since I'm trying to inch my way into the vegan life,I didn't use it.I made a very basic,simple loaf-my spice rach is getting bare too.