Friday, March 12, 2010

An Early St Patty's Day Party

We had an early StPatrick's Day party for our homeschool kids today.They all had fun.They ate "green" foods and ran and played and jumped on a trampoline.My kiddo has another crush.The host for the day is named Julie also.After we had left her house,my kiddo asked from the backsear 'is Miss Julie married?' I told him that she was,to which he replied 'DARN IT-UGH!'.He has a crush on her-he told his daddy how pretty she was.LOL He has talked about going back and visiting her another day.He has talked about her all afternoon.**SIGH** My 7yr old is already a LADIES MAN LOL.

Well,I'm not sure what's going on,but I'm back to getting sick again after every meal-or just about.I hurt from getting sick this evening.My neck and chest hurt and my throat is sooo hoarse.I think I've come to the decision to be tested for "gluten" allergies/celiac.Can't hurt if it turns out negative.I know I need to get the diet under better control.I just been to get more tightly organized and more selective in my shopping trips.I need to make a list and if I have to make separate meals for me-just do it.The guys like their "food vices". I basicly have to do that already for my other allergies,so it really won't be a big deal.I guess I need to make a trip to the book store next week.