Friday, March 5, 2010

wonderful weekend

Well for once in what feels like FOREVER,we are supposed to have a very nice weekend.Can't beat pre-springe warm weather here in the South.My nephew is turning 27 on sunday,so I'm having him over saturday for a cookout.I tried to get him to ask for STEAKS LOL,but he wants burgers and hot dogs.He's a plain old,good old country boy-gotta love that! He is very special to my little boy,and truthfully,is more like a little brother to me than a nephew.I grew up with him and his brothers.He is a great guy and my son ADORES him-Tinkie does too! We didn't get to go to the park today-time and our errands just got the best of us and when I did have a few minutes free,the kiddo didn't want to go.I'm hoping we can get there either early saturday or sunday morning--so the kiddo can play and the pooper can get some exercise.She woke up not feeling very well today-I was worried about her all day.We've had her about 9 months I guess and she's never been sick until today.I'm hoping something just didn't agree with her and that it's not a full blown virus.BLAH!That would NOT be fun.I need to be making out a shopping list because I plan on making a huge trip Sunday afternoon.The pantry is in desparate need of re-stocking!