Friday, March 5, 2010

what am I going to do with my husband?

Well we went shopping this morning and I got my exercise bike-the store didn't have the one I had picked out so I got an upgrade.Spent a little more than I wanted but it was all good.The hubby got his new toy at the sporting goods store.And we went to geoffrey's to look and see what we could find for the kiddo.I had planned on getting him a "kid" laptop with educational games on it-something to teach him how to take care of it and the basics so that when we get him a real computer he'll know some of what to do.I was thinking that maybe we'd get him one for Christmas this year.Well....That day came sooner than I expected.I had picked one out for like $70 but the hubby got to talking with a sales girl and she mentioned netbooks and zachary over heard and that was it.His dad got him a netbook today.Totally blew the rest of our refund.LOL I'm not really mad but I'm not sure I'm happy about it yet either LOL.The husband just has the "spend" now and deal with it later attitude about money.Now, we did have the extra because of the tax refund and all so it really didn't cut into our budget at all.The hubby's thinking was "well we have the money now and it'll be extra money later to get him something else if we want or whatever. I just wasn't ready for Zach to get a real computer.For starters,we really don't have the extra room for it-it's tiny,yes,but he's going to only use it with supervision,so that means he's going to have to use it sitting with me.The sewing room/office where I have mine is totally cluttered at the moment,and when we put the bike together it'll probably be worse for a few days till I get things moved around and settled again.The table where I have all of his homeschool books at is just a mess right now.I desparately need to re-arrange it,but just haven't gotten around to doing it.**SIGH**I need a giant,oversized,extra stregnth bottle of CALGON........