Wednesday, March 10, 2010

another very stormy day

I think it stormed all night-complete with pouring rain,thunder,and lightening.It seems like it's been raining FOREVER.Seriously,I'd take the colder weather over this.I hate stormy weather.And we are in for more of it today.They are saying SEVERE for today-that means anything from HAIL,HEAVY RAIN,HEAVY WINDS,to TORNADOES.This is the only thing about Spring that I detest-the bad weather.OK-got that off my chest!

Today is going to be a busy day for us-at least a busy afternoon.We're having Zach evaluated again for add/adhd.We had him evaluated about 2 years ago and it showed that he didn't have strong enough "tendancies" to be called add or adhd.I'm not sure what is going on with him,but some days-it's just awful.I don't mean I have an awful child,but it's just some days I wonder if I need medication instead of him LOL.And if you have or know someone who has an INTENSE child then you understand.If he gets a scratch or "boo-boo",it's not "ouch",it's a full fledged primal scream complete with jumping up and down and crying.I had them check his hearing at his last doctor appointment because I can be talking to him-standing right by him and it's like he's tuned out.There are other things,but I'll spare you from having to read them.I've always been against medicating children for things like this,but I am absolutely torn.The husband says not to worry about it till we get a diagnosis,but the thought of giving my child SPEED just doesn't sit well with me.Maybe he just needs more attention from mom-if that is possible.We homeschool,so I don't have to deal with his behavior and teachers and what not-which is great.I saw what one of my sisters went through when her son was in school.It was always a fight with the school system/teachers.Thankfully we don't have to deal with any of that-and the shape the school systems are in now,well don't get me started on that one.

Zach was a preemie and sometimes I wonder if his "immature" behavior has something to do with that.But then boys mature slower than girls do.We have some days where he's just as well behaved as any other kid his age,then we have days where it's like I think 'what is wrong with my child? Why does he do that?' I just don't know.I hope we will have more answers after our appointment today.