Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stormy Tuesday afternoon

The star of today's dinner-TURNIPS

The finished product--turnip mashed potatoes YUMMY!

Simmer the chopped potatoes and turnips in milk (NOT BOIL or you will have a mess!)

Corn fritters-alright,not homemade but a delicious,quick,easy side-yummy and slightly sweet

...Perfect afternoon for a nap here in Meridian today-tried to but my kiddo had other ideas.LOL Supper tonight was "smothered" pork chops,corn fritters,and turnip mashed potatoes.

After peeling and chopping the potatoes and the turnips,I simmered them in milk,salt and pepper.(simmer-not boil or you will have a mess) Once they were tender,I strained over a large boiler so I could save some of the milk.I mashed and added a little butter.I thinned them out with a little of the milk they were cooked in.
I saved two turnips and chopped them and added a little butter,salt,and pepper and roasted in oven until slightly brown-delicious,slightly sweet.

For the pork chops,I used the small medalions.I lightly dredged them in flower and "fried" in olive oil until they were brown and crispy.I poured off the olive oil and added a can of chicken broth.I scraped the bottom of the pan to get the goody-bits off and added the pork chops back to the pan.I let it all simmer a bit so the stock could thicken up a little bit.

Everything was delicious! I will definately be making the turnip-mashed potatoes again!