Monday, March 22, 2010

I love my shoes!

I had been looking in my shoe catalog (masseys) for these particular shoes for a while.It showed they had them but not in my size or the color I wanted.One day I got
a new catalog in the mail and it showed they were in stock in the catalog but not online,so I took a chance and called.They had what I wanted--still not sure why it wasn't showing up online.Anyway,I ordered a pair.I'd seen the commercials and was skeptical about it all.And let me say this-I have never in my life paid more than $60 for a pair of tennis shoes.But I just ordered my second pair of Skechers Shape-ups today.I love these shoes.They are the MOST COMFORTABLE shoes I've ever worn-even though my nephews and husband laugh at me and say they look funny-NO THEY DO NOT!!People stop me all the time and ask how I like my shoes and I tell them the same thing.I LOVE MY SKECHERS SHAPE-UPS! LOL I really really do.Since I got my first pair back in January,these are the only tennis shoes I've worn.I am going to find someone that wears my size and give away all my other sneakers! I can't wait till my ne pair comes in.Thankfully,with my catalog I can pay a low monthly price (no interest) and not shell out the full price today.That is very helpful.Now if only I could find some good kiddie shoes in the catalog! ;)