Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Play date

Got up this morning and saw a post that said our homeschool group was getting together for playdate at the church down the block from my house-so I had to go LOL. Zachary needed to get out in the fresh air and nice sunshine and play with his friends. Blew my morning of house work that I had planned LOL but it was worth it--I really didn't want to do housework anyway! Zach got to slide and play "cops" and run and play. Mom got to sit and chat with a great bunch of moms. We have a great group-a real varied group. The hubby got bored at home and walked down to the play area to see what we were up to,so we gave him a ride back home. Zachary is soaking away in the tub singing some of the songs he's learned from KINDERMUSIK! As much as I hate to LOL,I have to get up and do some laundry and wait on a call back from our dr-she has the results of the add/adhd tests back and wants to set up an appointment to discuss them and possible treatments.....I really dread this part...........