Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday March 7th 2010

It's a bright sunny morning here in Meridian today-still a little chilly,but it's supposed to warm up nicely by afternoon.The hubby went to the shooting range to play with his new toy with the guys.He put together my exercise bike last night-didn't cuss and fuss too much ;) -he's not a "mr fix it" by any means.Now I just have to figure out where to put it.I wanted to put it where I could cycle and watch tv/country music videos,but I'm not so sure that is doable.That thing is HUGE-and heavy.So I think whever it ends up is where it'll stay-I can't see myself dragging that thing around every day.If I can get the elliptical in a corner of the closet,I think it'll be alright in the sewing room,but I'll still have to re-arrange things in there yet again.The hubby joked and said if I had a treadmill that I would have enough workout stuff for my own gym.HMMMM I'd love to have an exercise room LOL.I told him 'Well,we could move zach's room out to the garage' LOL-just kidding...