Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well today was the first "official" kindermusik class for Zachary.It was about an hour.I went back home for a few mins and went back for the parent part of the class at the end.This was the first time he's been "away" from us-as in with another person IN CHARGE since the pre-school fiasco.(when needed we use granny as a baby sitter)For my readers who don't know,we tried pre-school (even though I knew back then that I was going to home-school him)about 3 1/2 yrs ago.It lasted maybe 4 days I think.The teacher just wasn't ready for my INTENSE,curious child.She said he was just uncontrollable.Zach still talks about how he "didn't like" how the teacher treated him-my poor baby.The music teacher said he participated well and listened and was very helpful today.And from the few mins I got to see of the class,I think he will enjoy the future classes.It's held weekly at a church that is about a half a block away from our house-love that.So as the weather gets prettier,we might just walk to music class each week.