Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Decade of being a couple

Sept 1,2001--Pigeon Forge,Tennessee (that was an adventure I'll have to share too)

DATING-we were introduced/set up LOL by my sister Lainey and her husband John

I'm not sure if I've ever shared our whirlwind romance with my blogger friends,so I'll share a little.Rewind the clocks back to March/April 2000.I was tired of looking for MR RIGHT-tired of wondering if he even existed LOL.I was just plain tired of it all-the whole dating scene and men! Well probably sometime in early March,one of my sisters tells another sister to ask if it's OK to give my number/email to her husband's "best friend".I said I would think about it a little while.Around that time I remember there was this big celestial alignment that was going on.I was sitting outside on the porch steps just taking in all the wonder of the universe and thinking how amazing it was and started thinking about my life.How I planned everything and was always looking for perfection and that it was making me tired.I needed a change.I decided that I would tell my sister that it was OK to share my number/email with this guy and I would see what the universe had in store for me.I was doing something TOTALLY OUT OF THE ORDINARY. I was 29 years old-still lived at home-everyone in the family was convinced I would be the "family spinster" (LOL).My sister told me a few things about her hubby's friend.She told me he was a volunteer fireman,liked the outdoors,worked at the local naval base,and that his name was Kelvin.

A few days later,I get an email from him basicly saying HI and we kinda chatted in emails back and forth all day.It was April 3-I had just started my week long vacation from work.He asked for my number and called a few minutes later.He asked if I wanted to "get together" that evening for a movie and dinner.Now if you read closely earlier-I'm a planner-I don't like spontaneous things.LOL I like to plan and know ahead of time what's going to happen.But I said YES.We met at the local mall and saw ERIN BROCKOVICH at the movie theatre.We went to O'Charley's for a late dinner.We talked about EVERYTHING--LITERALLY.I remember he had to go to work later that night because he was on night shift and I kept asking "it's not too late for you,is it?" LOL.I remember going back home and as corny as it sounds,I wrote in my journal that I had "met the man I'm going to marry".

The next day he called and asked if he could come out and see where I lived.He came out and met the family and talked with the guys a while.He sat around and watched tv and we made plans to walk around Bonita's walking trails that following saturday.It was so funnny.He kept looking at me and grinning and was all nervous.I'm thinking like "what is he doing?" LOL.Sometime during the walk he asked if he could hold my hand.My heart melted right there!We have been inseparable ever since.He kissed me for the first time the the weekend before Easter.Our romance was just that-ROMANTIC. We were married Sept 1,2001.

And it's funny-we were total opposites.He was a big heavy metal rocker (still is) and I was a good little country girl (still am).But now he's a heavy metal rocker that listens to country music--even has it programmed on the radio in his car!

OK,back to reality---I'm planning on making the same meal we had on our first date as a surprise for him that day.He had bbq ribs and I had chicken tenders.I haven't decided if I'm going to get take out from the restraunt or make it all at home from scratch.Probably the latter,but we'll see.I also got a copy of ERIN BROCKOVICH on dvd.My son knows where it is and that it's a surprise for daddy,so I'm expecting him to blow the surprise any day.He almost told him the day the movie came in the mail LOL but I destracted him.CLOSE CALL! The hubby has NO IDEA!!! HEE HEE HEE HEE I'm going to get him GOOD.