Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Goings-on

Got woke up early by the kiddo just a chatting away before 6am this morning-got up and did a blood sugar check and it was 60something so I got up and had a few rice cakes with almond butter and an apple.I went back to bed hoping to get in a few more ZZZs.I got about 1/2 an hour and then the hubby woke me up.LOL I wasn't happy.He showered and hit LOWE'S to get the dirt and lumber to finish the garden square for me in the backyard.He and grandpa are going to do that this coming week.

I got up and put up about a week's worth of laundry that had been sitting for a few days.These days it's just like a struggle for me to get the laundry done and put away.After the hubby got back,we decided to take the kiddo to Bonita Lakes for a little picnic and playtime at one of their little play areas-something different than our usual playground hangouts.Well I first noticed something wasn't right when I walked out the door.I was wearing shorts and it was a tad bit chilly.So I went back in and grabbed a pair of jogging pants for Zach-I knew he'd be complaining about it being COLD on his legs.By the time we get to Bonita,the wind is blowing like mad and the sun is NOWHERE to be found-just a sky full of puffy grey clouds-and it was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING.I thought the weekend's weather was supposed to be WARM and PRETTY! I pulled a blanket out of the car and wrapped it around the kiddo because I had made the hubby pull all the coats and stuff out of the car the day before LOL-just my luck-and the only thing left was a blanket I let the pooper sit on when she is in the car with us.We manage to get lumch down and fed a few nibbles to 2 cute ducks that decided to come say HELLO to us.We decided to take Zach to the PARK on North Hills Street.We all had a BLAST! The best $20 we've spent in a long time.We then decided to waste some time and ride out to a sister's house in Bailey,but she wasn't home,so we just kept riding a while.We came home and Zach is still playing with his Netbook.I made "happy husband chili" for the guys.They will be eating on that for at least 2-3 more days. For myself,I made turkey burgers.I put some bell pepeprs and celery into the processor and got it chopped up very fine.I added a handful in with my turkey meat so the burgers wouldn't be dry-NOTHING worse than a dry turkey burger.I put the rest of the celery/pepper mix into the fridge so I can add it to whatever's cooking this coming week.I decided to give my rice cooker another try.I haven't used it in a few years because the last time I did,it made a huge mess on the counter and I banished it to "under the counter in the laundry room". It didn't make as big a mess as last time-and it only got on the lid this time.I made brown rice and it was delicious-just perfectly fluffy.The rice cooker will be moved back onto it's proper place in the kitchen after cleaning.I also made another batch of the "turnip mashed potatoes".I used mostly turnips this time with only 3 yukon gold potatoes.It was delish.I could have eaten the whole batch by myself-but I restrained myself.I will have plenty of left overs to munch on in the days to come. YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS DISH--TRUST ME!

Tonight's daylight savings time.I think I'll be going to bed early so the "shock" of the time change won't be so bad.