Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday is it?

For some reason, I woke up feeling like it was Thursday--wishful thinking I guess.Didn't have any plans to get out,but the kiddo got dressed on his own-without me having to threaten his very life LOL and I decided we needed to replenish our fruit stock,so we headed out to WinnDixie-the kiddo wanted to go to Walmart,but I told him we will go Friday.I love--love 'PACIFIC ROSE' apples.They are just so much tastier than the other ones.I loaded up on them and got some "gala" apples for grandpa.I got some red and green grapes.I swear both were labeled SEEDLESS,but I found out back at home that the red ones were not.The red ones are HUGE-I've never seen grapes that large.They are ok but I was kinda disappointed in the grapes.The ones we had at the St Patty's day homeschool party were sooo much better.I'll have to find out where she got her grapes LOL! ;)

Supper today was a maple-bourbon glazed pork tenderloin with brussel sprouts and stuffing.I made myself baked chicken cutlets.They were OK but again,I was kinda disappointed.Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for chicken.I seriously need to find some new recipes.I also found some ORGANIC rice cakes-and for a change,it's actually cheaper than the other brand.So as soon as my rice cakes are about gone,I'm going to load up on the organic ones.

Didn't work out today-was just too pooped and the blood sugar was higher this evening,so I am being thuroughly lazy!I will try and do a little more tomorrow to make up for today's laziness.